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1. Design Consultation – Our company specializes in consulting homeowners on how to maximize their property value. We know what buyers look for in a home and we help sellers meet those buyers’ expectations. During our initial consultation, we take notes and advise our clients of ways to specifically address issues that may be concerning to buyers.

       Typical Cost – $1500

       Our client’s cost – FREE

2. Staging Services – After our initial design consultation, we pull some items from our staging inventory to fit the design scheme of your home utilizing your furniture. Owner provide the labor to move the furniture and remove all the unnecessary items from the home. Staging is one of the valuable investments to consider before selling your home. Luckily, the team at Metro Pacific Real Estate provides this service free to our clients. Staging is not only a powerful marketing tool to enhance the feel of spaciousness of a home, but it also gives the buyer a visualization of what the home could potentially look like after they move in.

       Typical Cost – $3,500-8,000 per month

       Our client’s cost – FREE

3. Marketing/Advertisement Services – We create custom flyers and mail to hundreds of buyer leads, not to mention – renters and homeowners in the surrounding neighborhoods. This motivates residents with potential interest who may not have access to the MLS.

       Typical Cost $2,000

       Our client’s cost FREE

4. Multi-County Marketing – Most realtors only belong to Local Board Association of Realtors. Because our company is established in multi-counties, we are able to not only market your home on the Local MLS and  also Southland Reginal Association of Realtor Board -Los Angeles MLS, By being members of multiple Association of Realtors, we are able to magnify the exposure of your home to more potential buyers and investors.

5. International Marketing – Another reason Metro Pacific continues to surpass other realty companies is our ability to market internationally.  We market to over 75 countries oversees, including China, Japan, Canada, and Mexico (the countries that have the most interest in San Diego). By expanding your home to the international market, we attract investors who typically pay over-asking price, as well as all cash offers. (See list attached.)

       Typical Cost $1,500

       Our client’s cost- FREE

6. Online Marketing- In today’s fast-paced world, we find that online marketing is the most effective tool for marketing your property. In the comfort of their own homes, prospective home buyers typically search websites like Zillow, Trulia, and   In addition to posting your listing on these main websites, we post to hundreds of other real estate websites and social media platforms (See list attached).

       Typical Cost – $1,500

       Our client’s cost – FREE

7. Professional Photography and Filming – Even if you have the most stunning home in the neighborhood, it can be a challenge to draw potential buyers into your home if you do not have the right photos. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words! When agents and home buyers are searching the MLS, professional photography can dramatically increase the number of clicks to the links, leading to a higher likelihood of a showing.  Metro Pacific Real Estate has a specialized filming crew to create a virtual tour of your property. For international investors, this is a great opportunity to get a virtual walkthrough of the property without taking up their invaluable time and expenses to travel.

       Typical Cost $250-$750

       Our client’s cost – FREE

8. Expertise in the Local Market – Being a specialized realty company means that we are able to tackle complex issues, such as litigation, lending, HOA’s, and prospective projectdevelopments in the neighborhood. With extensive knowledge of the districts, not only are we able to answer questions the buyer may have of the property or the neighborhood, but also the details of potential plans and development projects.  

9. ScentAir Technology- Have you ever walked into a hotel and noticed the amazing scent in the air? The luxury hotel industry, such as the Ritz Carlton, Westin and Hard Rock hotels, has been using ScentAir technology for decades.  Scent is one of the key senses that triggers a feeling of comfort or relaxation. Metro Pacific Real Estate uses the same ScentAir technology to stage their homes. Not only does this enhance the presentation of your unit and create a heightened sense of luxury, but it also creates a familiar scent tomake clients feel “at home” or “on vacation” at the property.

       Typical Cost $250 + $129 per month (scent cartridge)

       Our client’s cost FREE

10.  Accompanied Showings – Presentation is everything to us!  That is why we put so much time into preparing, designing, staging, and photographing your propertyWhen it comes to your home, we always like to have our experienced associates show the units, as the buyers and their agents may be unfamiliar with the building or the neighborhood.  We are committed to preparing the unit 30 minutes prior to a showing to better unveil to potential buyers the benefits and value of the property. We believe that any questions regarding the unit, the building, or the neighborhood are best when they are promptly addressed and answered on site. We also have a display model to show our potential buyers the transformation of a home with high quality material.

11. We utilize our contractor license and get discount between 25{15ae4c6717700607485df32a9b0d6e817706533f0f219991d4f115350ab634a2} and 40{15ae4c6717700607485df32a9b0d6e817706533f0f219991d4f115350ab634a2} on material. We also provide free supervision by Civil Engineer during the construction and advise the construction crew as needed. The buyers and seller will save lots of money and increase the Rate of Return buying or selling a home though Metro Pacific Real Estate.

We offer FREE staging and design consultations to transform your home and maximize your home value Our marketing team targets local, national and international markets to drastically increase the exposure of your home. We are available to show your home and share with buyers our knowledge & love for the communities we serve!


Eric Brandon

San Diego Client Services

Extensive Knowlege That Benefits You


Bas & Eric of Metro Pacific Real Estate Company bring extensive knowledge of home design, architecture, construction, and interior decorating to their clients. As a team, they have been selling bank-owned homes, traditional retail sales, and short sale properties. But uniquely, they have also built and rebuilt homes from thefoundation phase to completion phase for many of their clients.  Their experience and expertise include hillside, earthquake zone, water front foundation specifications, retaining walls, and exterior and interior design. 

Such technical background has enabled the firm to supply its clients with crucialexpertise and effective solutions to address complicated physical condition issues throughout the San Diego & Los Angeles area. 

Metro Pacific Real Estate and its staff are part of the resolution of the needs of those who have been affected by the housing and mortgage finance crisis. Under the guidance of Bas and Eric, the company staff are dedicated to working as a cohesive team to meet its client’s requirements and priorities and to deliver positive and successful results. In all its endeavors to benefit sellers and buyers, Metro Pacific Real Estate maintains the highest standards of excellence, customer satisfaction, and performance achievement.

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